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Memorial Cat Hospital in Houston Texas

An orange tabby cat and a black and white cat are sleeping next to each other on their cat bed.

Boarding Requirments

Two calico cats are sitting inside an old brown luggage.

For the Health of All in Our Care

We require that all veterinary exams and vaccines be up to date. If fleas are present at time of arrival, your cat will be treated appropriately with a topical or oral flea medication at the Dr.’s discretion. For safety reasons, we asked that all cats be in a carrier when coming to the hospital. If your cat is on a special diet we kindly request that you pack it in their luggage. Please make the all items brought for boarding are clearly marked with your last name.

Boarding Services

  • Boarding

  • Special Care Medical Boarding

  • Feline Only Boarding

  • Must be a Current Client

One of the main advantages of boarding your cat(s) at Memorial Cat Hospital is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise. If your cat displays symptoms of illness every effort is made to contact the emergency number you have given at the time of check in. However if we are unable to contact anyone regarding your cat’s care, we will proceed as follows in the Medical Illness Policy below.

Woman Checking Cat's Heart

Medical Illness Policy

  • If the nature of the illness is not serious, we will not treat.

  • If the nature of the illness, if left untreated, could lead to a more serious illness (vomiting and/or diarrhea) we will treat symptomatically and perform only the necessary diagnostic testing.

  • If the nature of the illness is life threatening (urinary blockage, unregulated diabetes, or chronic renal failure) we are bound by state law to render assistance. That means we will approach the situation according to the standard hospital policies, as outlined by the American Animal Hospital Association.

*All fees and expenses will be paid by the client.