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Memorial Cat Hospital in Houston Texas

Adult Cat Care

We recommend all cats be examined twice a year in order to prevent/detect medical problems.


Cats age faster than we do and as a result, health problems can progress much more rapidly. Regular wellness examinations will confirm that your cat is healthy or help catch problems before they can become more serious. Your cat's semi-annual veterinary visit will include some, if not all of the following: a health consultation, blood work, a physical examination, pain assessment, nutritional counseling, vaccinations if necessary, an intestinal parasite screening and a recommendation for an on-going wellness routine.

Diet and nutrition are also important to maintaining your cat's health. Feeding your cat a specially formulated diet to meet the needs of adulthood helps encourage a long and healthy life. Please feel free to consult your veterinarian to help you find the right food to fit with your cat's lifestyle, body condition and health needs.

We will assess your cat’s comfort level and address any concerns about pain. Even younger cats can experience chronic pain due to joint disease (osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, cruciate (ACL) disease) and dental disease.

Click below for more information on life stage care for your cat.

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