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Memorial Cat Hospital in Houston Texas

Hospice Care

Our hospice care aims to keep your cat as comfortable as possible in their remaining time.


We know how difficult it can be to see your feline-friend suffer from old age or an illness. We are passionate about providing the best quality of life possible for a cat who may be suffering from a terminal condition or disease.

Why would my cat need hospice care?

The goal of veterinary hospice care is to maintain a good quality of life for your cat as long as possible while they are suffering from a terminal illness. Hospice care shifts from treating a patient's illness to keeping them comfortable and happy, while avoiding any form of treatment that could have significant effects on your cat.

When is hospice care appropriate?

Hospice care is typically appropriate for a feline if they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, have a life-expectancy in the range of a few days to months, and the pet owner does not want to euthanize at this time. Hospice care can give cat owners peace of mind knowing that they helped their beloved pet live a life that was as long and happy as possible.

How is hospice care structured?

Typical treatment options in hospice care may include nutritional support, ensuring proper hydration, managing symptoms, assisting with urination and defecation, keeping pets well-groomed and clean, helping pets move around their environment safely, and providing mental stimulation and plenty of love.