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Memorial Cat Hospital in Houston Texas

Feline Specialty Services

Feline veterinary specialists are veterinarians who primarily treat cats. They spend an additional six years working with cats to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and sensitivities, and are uniquely qualified to care for your cat.

Why Choose a Feline Specialist?

Our facility and staffed is equipped to treat cats while ensuring they remain as comfortable as possible. Below are some of the lengths that we go to to give your cat the best possible experience at our veterinary center.

  • Medical needs: Our feline veterinarians are highly trained professionals who have studied the particular medical and emotional needs that cats have. They are experts in providing high quality care while keeping your cat as comfortable as possible.

  • Environmental considerations: Our specialty team is committed to providing your cat with a stress free experience. In our feline specialty department, lights are lower and dogs are not allowed, which cuts down on the external stimulus and stressers your cat is exposed to.

  • Expert care: Our feline veterinarians have a deeper understanding of cat healthcare than general practitioners. They also have access to new information and treatment options tailored to cats.

Services Offered

The feline specialty care team offers a wide range of services focused only on cats. We can perform any examination or procedure that a general practitioner can, with a higher level of knowledge and specificity to best care for cats. Below are some services we can provide.

  • Feline-specific diagnostic tools: In addition to commonplace diagnostic tests, our facility also offers imaging and testing technology that is built specifically for feline practice.

  • Feline-specific surgery: Cats have different surgical needs than dogs or other animals, our feline specialists work with our surgery team to make sure those needs are met.

  • Complex or rare case treatment: Cat patients with difficult illnesses, rare genetic problems, or other uncommon cases are best treated by feline specialists who have extensive experience with cats.

  • State-of-the-art treatment options: Feline specialists strive to remain on the forefront of cat veterinary care. As such, they have an ever expanding arsenal of expert treatment options.